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You can now buy our valeting products from us so that you can maintain your car just as we would do for you. So we cater for those who have the time to look after their own car and for those who dont. We offer the best ranges of products you will not find on the high street. If you have any queries use the contact form or call us.


Cut 'n' Shine. Removes oxidation, faded areas and shines all in one. 500ml - 5.99.

Finale Sprayable Polish. Shines in seconds with liquid application and quick wipe off. 500ml - 6.99

Gold Wax. Cuts and waxes in one operation for new and used cars 500ml - 7.99.

Platinum Plus Polish. Gives excellent restoration for paint on used cars. 500ml - 7.99.

PDI Polish. This is a quick and easy polish for new and prepared paintwork. 500ml - £6.99

Dressings and Treatments.

Armour Vinyl. Remarkable semi permanent coating for bumpers and vinyl. Silicone free. 500ml - 8.99

Engine and Plastic Conditioner. Versatile treatment for all plastic. 500ml 8.99.

Leather Dressing. Superb dressing to feed and enhance the appearance of seats and trim. 500ml - 9.99.

Long Life Bumper Long life dressing for external use. 500ml - 7.99.

Long Life Rubber Dressing. Designed for tyres, produces a showroom look. 500ml - 8.99.

PVC Polish. Fragrant dressing for excellent results on dashboard and exterior trim. 500ml - 8.99

Exterior Cleaners.

Aluminium Cleaner and Brightner. Blend of Phosphoric and sulphamic acids in degergent base. 500ml - 7.99.

Brite Clean. Caustic based cleaner. Superb wheel cleaner and brake dust remover. 500ml - 8.99.

Car Shampoo. Safe and effective car wash detergent. 500ml - 3.99.

Wash 'n' Wax. Car shampoo with wax to give a superior finish. 500ml - 4.99.

Fall Out Remover. Phospheric acid in a detergent for removing industrial fall out. 500ml - 7.99.

Superwax Blue. Final wax rinse that causes water to "bead" Gives waxed look. 500ml - 5.99.

Tar and Glue Remover. Highly effective tar and glue remover with toulene. 500ml - 8.99.

Rust Remover. Hydrochloric acid that removes rust from steel and chrome, works well removing brake dust. 500ml - 6.99.

Interior Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner. Recommended interior cleaner for soiled surfaces, removes most dirt. 500ml - 6.99. 

Carpet Brite Plus. Superb low foam extraction shampoo. Contains optical brightners. 500ml - 7.99.

GP 413. Highly concentrated general purpose cleaner and degreaser. 500ml - 6.99.

Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner. Concentrated carpet and upholstery shampoo. 500ml - 7.99.

Leather Shampoo. Gentle yet very effective leather cleaner. 500ml - 8.99.

Spotting Solvent. Removes marks from ink as well as other types of markings on fabrics. 250ml - 7.99.  


Clear Lacquer. Provides an even, protective layer for paint etc. 400ml - 8.99

Fabric Protector. Provides a protective barrier against dirt and grease. 400ml - 8.99.

Foam Cleaner. Easy and effective cleaner with minimal wetting. 500ml - 7.99.

Hitech Glass Cleaner. Cleans to a superb smear free sparkle. 510g - 8.99.

Multi Purpose Polish. Cleans and polishes in one operation. 500ml - 8.99.

Non Silicone. Adds shine & enhances all vinyl and plastic surfaces. Bodyshop safe. 500ml - 7.99

Plastic & Vinyl Dye. Plasticised paint for use on bumpers, vinyl and carpets. 11.25oz - 19.99.

Silicone (various fragrances). Adds shine and enhances all vinyl and plastic surfaces. 500ml - 7.99.

Tyre Dressing. Produces 'as new' appearence to tyres and rubber. 500ml - 8.99.

Wax Enhancer. Maintains a showroom finish. Conveneient and quick to apply. 545g - 9.99.

Anti Tobacco Fresh. Targets stale tobacco smells to leave a fresh fragrance. 750ml 9.99.

Earthshine Valeting Service covers Hampshire and surrounding areas call: 07930672589

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